The September board meeting will be open. However, we ask that everyone wear face coverings and maintain proper social distancing.

Punkin Water Association

Punkin Water Association

Monday, September 14, 2020

Special Meeting Agenda, 5:30PM

  1. Confirm quorum
  2. Vote on bylaw and articles of incorporation changes related to tax-exempt status

Regular Meeting Agenda, 6:00PM

  1.  Call meeting to order
  2.  Approve minutes from August Board Meeting
  3.  PSC new order
  4.  Discussion of problem areas
  5.  Discussion of water rates
  6.  Update on connection with City of Oxford
  7.  Discuss bookkeeper/secretary job opening
  8.  Discuss meter reader pay
  9.  Approval of revised Old Oaks agreement
  10. Motion to adjourn