This page will be used to post draft meeting minutes in advance of meetings where the minutes will be approved.Minutes on this page are not final until approved by the Board at a meeting.

Punkin Water Association

Monday, September 14, 2020

Special Board Meeting Minutes to be approved November 9, 2020

Punkin Water Association

Board Members Present: Jason Butts, Karen Popernik, Jerry Bishop, Douglas Hill and John Davis

Others present: Mark Woods, Attorney and Mike Falkner, Engineer

On September 14, 2020, Punkin Water Association held a special meeting where the members considered proposed changes to the bylaws and an amendment to its Articles of Incorporation.
A quorum was confirmed.
The proposed bylaw changes and amendment to the Articles of Incorporation were approved by the following vote:
Those voting in favor of the changes and amendment: 258
Those voting against the changes and amendment: 1

Minutes drafted by Dee Anna Chain

Punkin Water Association

Board Meeting: Monday, October 12, 2020

Board members present: Jason Butts, Karen Popernik, Jerry Bishop

Others in attendance: Mark Woods, attorney and Tony Bishop, operator

  • Jason called the meeting to order
  • The board accepted resignations from Tony Bishop and Jerry Bishop
  • Jason moved to approve special meeting from September to November 9, 2020
  • Karen Popernik made a motion to move the annual meeting to December 14, 2020. Motion was 2nd by Jerry Bishop and passed.
  • Discussion of cleaning water tank and completing necessary work to the tank scheduled for October 14, 2020
  • Agreed to post board member openings and begin accepting names for positions
  • Agreed to mail our proxy notices to all PWA members for board elections with proxy names being Jason Butts, Karen Popernik, and Tom Lincoln
  • Agreed that the person with most votes will obtain the term with the longest term remaining.
  •  Motion to adjourn by Karen Popernik, second by Jerry Bishop

Minutes drafted by Meagan McDonald

Special called meeting via phone October 30, 2020

Members present: Jason Butts, Karen Popernik, Tom Lincoln

Others present: Meagan McDonald, secretary

-Jason proposed the hiring of Robert Neece as new operator

-Tom Lincoln motioned to accept Robert; Karen second the motion

-Meeting was adjourned by Tom Lincoln