October 19, 2020: Tank Rehab and Inspection Report:


October 19, 2020:


October 14, 2020:

Tank cleaning is complete.  Once the tank is half full, we will begin our hard flush through the system.  A boil water notice is in effect until further notice, only excluding Deer Run as they are on the small tank.  Thank you for your patience.

October 2, 2020:

We are still experiencing areas of yellow/discolored water.  We will continue to flush the lines and are working with our resources to find a permanent solution.  Thank you for your patience.

September 28, 2020:

Punkin Water Association would like to welcome Mr. Tom Lincoln to its Board of Directors for the association.  Mr. Lincoln has been appointed by your Board to fill the remaining tenure of the position left vacant by Mr. John Davis when he resigned. 

September 25, 2020

Water to CR 270, 269, and 271 will be cut off to fix leak. Boil water if you live on these roads after service is restored.

September 24, 2020:

We have had an increase in reports of yellow/rusty discolored water.  Our engineer and others are assessing the problem.  It is safe for consumption and no boil water is necessary.  Thank you for your patience. 

September 16, 2020:

Dee Anna Chain has resigned from Punkin Water Association as the acting Secretary/Treasurer.  Dee Anna, we wish you much success in the future in all your endeavors and are grateful and appreciative of all you’ve done for us.

Opening:  Full-time secretarial/bookkeeper/service representative position:

Duties include:  Maintaining account information, processing payments on accounts – posting and depositing funds; payroll functions; accounting reports to be provided to accountant; USDA loans paperwork; mailing responsibilities; monthly PWA reports; providing requested information to attorney, board members, association members; prepare Board minutes; preparing water reports; receiving phone calls and directing complaints to proper persons; and various other clerical duties.

We would love to hire within the Association, but are willing to hire outside, as well.  

To apply, please contact Jason Butts or Karen Popernik or e-mail at punkinwaterassoc@gmail.com

September 15, 2020:

John Davis has resigned from the Punkin Water Association Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please send an email to punkinwaterassoc@gmail.com

We would like to thank John for his many years of service to Punkin Water Association

September 11, 2020:

Members may experience discolored or brown water tonight and through the morning hours due to a pump malfunction at the main tank.  No boil water notice will be issued.

The sample ballot for the September 14, 2020, meeting can be found by clicking –>here.

August 21, 2020: The samples from after the Tuscan Hills water line break have come back clear. Boil water notice has been lifted.

August 18, 2020:   Broken line in Tuscan Hills, affecting Tuscan Ridge, Tuscan Drive, Tuscan View, and part of 409.  Repairs are underway and hope to be complete at approximately 4:30 p.m.   For those in the affected area, please boil water until further notice.  Thank you.

July 30, 2020:

You may have recently received a letter and proxy in the mail related to proposed amendments to bylaws and the articles of incorporation for tax purposes.

You can review the red-line version of the bylaws by clicking –> here.

You can review the proposed addendum to the articles of incorporation by clicking –> here.

These are the only changes that will be considered at the special meeting.

July 15, 2020:

Punkin Water will implement a new flushing plan, flushing some at night and some during the day.  Will start at the elevated tank and work outward toward the Highlands and on to the Lakes.  We want the lines clear from the tank as continue outward.  Thank you.

June 29, 2020:

Disconnection of water services due to non-payment or late payment will resume on July 15, 2020.  PWA encourages you to make sure your account is current or make arrangements to pay prior to July 15.  Thank you.

TO CLARIFY:  You will first receive a disconnect notice if you’re in danger of being disconnected.  These are for accounts at least two months in arrears.  The PSC stay on water disconnections has been lifted.  We are just following normal procedure.

June 13, 2020:

The line feeding the Lakes from the north is being flushed.  Water pressure and quality may be affected.  Thank you for your patience.

May 25, 2020:

Water service interruption for Windsor Drive and Westminster Drive In Castlehill. Repairs are underway. Please boil water once restored until further notice. Thank you


Update from Karen Popernik, VP on the May 11, 2020, Meeting

June 6, 2020 IMPORTANT: After speaking with Mike Roberts of the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors, we have been advised that it is permissible to have an open meeting Monday night, June 8, 2020, at the Chancery Court Building, at 6 pm. Please still remember social distancing and face covering guidelines. Thank you.

I wanted to give you an update about the discussions from the May 11, 2020, Board meeting. I’ll address each item as best as I can following our meeting agenda which was previously posted. I do want to reiterate that these are not the formal minutes from the meeting.

The March Board Minutes were approved without a reading and was passed unanimously.

Increased demand on system.  There was a discussion regarding what the water usage currently is through the system and with the warmer months coming up how the demand may be increased by more outdoor activities such as pools and lawn irrigation. According to Tony Bishop, we are currently using much more water than normal—likely as a result of everyone staying home during the pandemic. As the weather does heat up, we ask that our members be mindful of your water usage. 

Recent complaints about discolored water.  There was quite a lengthy discussion about these recent complaints and what the problem may be, whether it’s older lines, more sediment, and other issues that seem to be going on.  Punkin Water can always test the water going to the meter to make sure that that water meets safety and quality guidelines.  However, with just pictures of what the water looks like, there’s absolutely no way to tell exactly what is going on with the water.  Please continue to advise and update us when you have any water issues, preferably by e-mailing Punkin Water or calling one of the Board members.  That’s the most expeditious way to get your complaint handled.  For those of you who have home water filter systems, please be aware that we are, indeed, on the most iron-filled aquifer in the county and are doing our best to keep a monitor on those levels in the water coming from the distribution tank.  For those of you who have tankless hot water heaters, please contact your local service technician to make sure they are in proper working order and are flushed on a regular basis.  Just because they do not hold gallons of water doesn’t mean that there isn’t sediment and scale buildup on the inside that gets pushed out during use.  We are still searching for answers to the many questions we’ve had recently and will do our best to find them.

Two other issues were discussed and that was the remedial work needing to be done on the Jacobs and Lyles properties. Steps are being taken to remedy those situations for the homeowners where necessary.

Rate increases. Due to the upcoming City connection and the increasing of repairs and maintenance on the system and the need to just do normal upkeep on a system like ours, a rate increase has been discussed for several years. Talks about rate increases has intensified over the past few months.  It is my understanding that one was voted on to go into effect approximately five years ago but was never implemented. After much discussion of minimum rates and average usage, the Board voted to implement a rate increase as follows: Minimum water bill, 0-2,000 gallons, will increase to $22.00, (previously $20.00.) Usage between 2,001 gallons and 8,000 gallons will increase to $5.00 per 1,000 gallons (previously $3.50 per 1,000 gallons). All water usage over 8,001 gallons will be billed at $10.00 per 1,000 gallons. This rate increase will go into effect on July 1, 2020, and will be noted on the June 1, 2020, water statements going out.  With a quorum of three, Jason, myself, and Mr. John Davis, the vote for this increase was 2-1, with Mr. Davis dissenting because he did not feel that an increase to the water minimum bill was warranted. Your President and I both felt that if we were going to increase anyone’s rate we needed to increase everyone’s rate.  Again, this rate increase is to help with maintenance costs of our aging system and hopefully will also decrease the amount we will need to borrow to connect with the City of Oxford.

Punkin Water is also aware that the order from the Public Service Commission halting disconnection of service has been extended to May 26, 2020.  However, we encourage each of you to pay your bill totally and timely if possible.  This will be of benefit to you as well as us at the end of this disconnect freeze.

Connection with City of Oxford. Engineering plans have been drawn, bids are being drawn up, easements and right-of-way access is being obtained, and financial documents have been sent to a prospective lender to potentially receive funding for this project.  Please be aware that this is a multi-level project and all of these bases are being covered simultaneously.  We are doing this in an effort to get the bids out as quickly as possible and get a shovel in the ground, so to speak, at the earliest time so we can better provide water.  Hopefully, we will have definite news about a start time for the project within the next 30 days, but please don’t think that wheels aren’t turning for this to catapult to completion.  A projected estimate of cost is anywhere between $750,000 and $1,000,000; thus the need for a rate increase, also, and a search for a funding source.

CPA quote (to perform audit).   We have been given two quotes to do an audit of the books of Punkin Water Association; one by the Hagood firm of $6,900 to $7,900 and one by the Watkins Ward Group (which recently purchased the Young Group, who does our regular accounting functions) of $8,250 to $10,500.  This was basically a “no-brainer” decision.  If we go with Hagood, not only do we pay up to a few thousand dollars less, but we also don’t have a firm auditing their own previous work.  By unanimous vote it was passed that the Hagood firm would be engaged to do an audit of the records of Punkin Water Association in the future. 

While I did not personally expect there to be any votes on any issues this month, these things became ripe for decision and these votes were made.

We, again, encourage you to contact Punkin Water Association with your concerns and issues through a phone call, an e-mail, or personal contact.  Facebook is not a good way to contact us.  We do take your concerns seriously and work every day on some issue that Punkin Water has. 

We hope that the June meeting will be open as the restrictions are loosening for our community. That meeting will be on Monday, June 8, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. at the Lafayette Chancery Court Building in Oxford.

Thank you so much!

Karen Popernik, Vice-President of PWA